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Grey Squirrel Control FAQ's

What Damage Can Squirrels Cause In Lofts

Grey Squirrels are among the most destructive of all the larger pests that enter our properties in search of safety and shelter. Cables of every kind and plastic pipes are all at risk from grey squirrels.

In recent years the trend to build up into loft spaces has created inaccessible crawl spaces where grey squirrels can live undisturbed. Unprotected cables get gnawed through, and plastic pipes also get damaged, causing flooding of entire properties.

Insurance For Grey Squirrel Damage

One recent example involved damage to water pipes in a new loft extension in stoke bishop. While the customer was away on holiday, water from a damaged cold water pipe in the loft poured through the house causing eighty thousand pounds worth of damage!

Fortunately, the customer was insured, but insurers are becoming wiser, and you are unlikely to be covered for damage like this under many insurance policies. In the last five years, we've seen an increase in the number of customers who discover their budget insurance policies offer zero cover for rodent damage or its consequences.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrel Control: Trap, Poison and Exterminate Grey Squirrels in your home and business with your local Bristol Pest Specialists WaspKill UK.

Grey Squirrel Traps

Grey Squirrel traps come in a number of forms that include: the cage or the break-neck. The cage trap simply captures the squirrel that then needs to be humanely killed. The break-neck trap does exactly what it says.

The challenge is choosing which is the right option in each situation. The traps don't always deploy as expected, so on the rare occasion a squirrel is trapped by a limb or its tail, it will inevitably suffer, and this cannot always be avoided

Squirrel Poisons

Only one type of poison exists for legally poisoning squirrels in the UK and is for professional use only. It's worth noting that poisons can often leave the squirrel dead somewhere inaccessible where it will likely rot and stink. The horrendous smell will often coincide with maggots falling through light fittings and a plague of flies. This is why trapping is a more popular option.

Shooting Grey Squirrels

The shooting of grey squirrels is something we are equipped to tackle and where required, offer a service that compliments our other methods of control. Shooting squirrels is a last resort because it is rarely a simple or viable process to ensure this is carried out legally and humanely where the squirrels are within a residential building or public area.

Squirrel Extermination - The Alternatives

Shooting, trapping and poisoning grey squirrels has its place, but the very best option is to have the roof proofed to ensure that squirrels cannot enter the loft again. This option is far more costly than poison or trapping, but it is a complete solve that will pay for itself over a number of years.

The other point to be aware of is the damage already caused to your belongings, wiring, roofing felt, membrane and insulation. If left unresolved the squirrels can cause you thousands in damage that you will not be insured for.

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