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What are Stored Product Pests?

Food Pests are defined as:

Food Pests: An animal, insect or bird that contaminates or destroys food.

No matter how well many food premises are looked after, they will in time attract unwanted guests. Some will enter the premises through doors and windows, while others will come in on customers, staff and inside deliveries - both inside the food and among the packaging!

With the global food market on our door step, much of the food we love comes from abroad as do the pests. What is required then, is vigilance and a regimented system of good house keeping practices.

At WaspKill UK we have spent almost ten years teaching food safety courses to many hundreds of students from all areas of the food industry. So when it comes to food safety and pest control, few can match our expertise.

An interesting fact is that a single rat over the course of a year might produce over 200kg of faeces and a staggering 50 litres or more of urine.

What Types of Food Pests are Dangerous?

Any food pest has the potential to contaminate or destroy food. Food contamination occurs in a number of ways.

Physical Contamination: This is where the bodies, parts of bodies, pupae, cocoons, hairs, feathers or droppings etc manage to contaminate the food at any point in the foods production and service cycle.

Microbiological Contamination: This is where pests contaminate food with toxin forming or pathogenic bacteria, viruses, prions, fungi and parasites.

Also common is what we term, direct damage caused by consumption of the food by pests that include rats and mice.

These consume and contaminate the food product or and includes insect pests like beetle larvae found inside the food such as rice weevils and biscuit beetles.

Once food is contaminated, it is said to be "unfit for human consumption" so has to be destroyed, costing you lots of money.

We understand how to stop food pests and this is where we can keep your business safe from prosecution or worse, closure!

What Diseases do Food Pests or Vectors, Carry and Transmit?

Rats & Mice : leptospirosis, listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculoses, cholera and typhoid etc.

Flies : typhoid, dysentery, polio, salmonella, cholera, anthrax and even E-coli.

Cockroaches : cause allergies leading to respiratory disease.

Confused Flour Beetle: cancer forming compounds.

These are just a few examples, and the point is that you need to keep your customers safe and this means among other things, keeping the food safe from pests.

What Does A Food Safety Inspection or Pest Treatment Cost?

Being a specialist means our pest extermination services are faster and more flexible than many other providers. We are usually on site within hours or faster if it is an emergency, getting rid of food pest problems quickly.

How Quickly Can You Get To Us?

Our standard, same day Pest elimination Services for the management of Food Pets is always available, and for extra peace of mind our 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service operates 24/7 so help is never far away.

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